Amazing Things


Authors of The Ghetto Blues, Tammy and Tahirah

You don’t have to be an amazing person to do amazing things. ~ Tammy Campbell Brooks

I promised you the Shiggy Challenge video for the Monday’s Rhythm & Blues, but I had to reschedule it because my daughter and I were out this weekend doing amazing things.

We were in Austin, Texas trying to get The Ghetto Blues in more bookstores and at the public libraries for easier access to readers. We are trying to reach all people to hopefully transform, inspire, and encourage them to never give up no matter what life throws at them. While we were there, we frequented The Book People and The Book Woman bookstores that are carrying the book and took pictures.

While I was out doing what I felt was amazing, I didn’t forget about the Shiggy Challenge, so I will definitely have the video ready by next Monday.

In the meantime, be amazing and do amazing things. Do things in what you consider amazing.

The Book Woman Bookstore (Austin, Texas)July 21, 2018


The Book People Bookstore (Austin, Texas)July 21, 2018