Let Them Grown Folks Go

“You can’t save things that are dead, you can only bury them.”~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Are you tired of friends and family calling your phone with their problems? The only time they decide to call is when they have bad news to share. It doesn’t matter to them that You have your own problems, life, kids, and husband(wife), but they will continue to screw up their life, but call you to correct their wrongs. You have given them countless hours of advice, but it goes in one ear and out the other. You are freaking tired of their sh*t!

I’m advising you right now to stop communicating with these type of people that continuously drain all your positive energy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a parent, grown child, significant other, or otherwise. If these people consistently drain, drain, drain your energy and take, take, take, and they have been this way for years; not to mention, that these are GROWN FOLKS. Let them gooooooooooo.

The people that I speak of are NOT trying to save themselves and 10 times out of 10, they put themselves in the situation.

I was watching a video on how a guy was trying to save his parents from drug abuse. I sympathize with the guy trying to help his parents, but in all honesty, he must let the parents go and take care of his own family and well being. An unfit parent or a grown person is going to do what they want to do and there is nothing you can do or say to stop them.

You love your loved ones and friends, but you got to let them grown folks go and do their own damage control. You can’t control or change them. Let me repeat, you can’t control  nor change them. A person won’t change until they are ready. Many times they have to hit rock bottom, and they determine their rock bottom, not you.

Stop accepting these people’s phone calls and go on with your life. Love them from a distance. You will save your sanity and become more content without them in your life. Don’t feel that you are abandoning or neglecting them, you are saving you. And there’s nothing wrong with saving you(your mental and financial well being).  If something was to happen to you for trying to save them, they would keep moving along with their destructive life. You will be sh*t out of luck.

They are grown folks and you are not responsible for GROWN FOLKS. Let grown folks do what they want to do and when the sh*t hits the fan, let them deal with it.

Let them GROWN FOLKS goooooo….

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.



“Failure is not the end of the world but giving up is.” ~Tammy Campbell Brooks


Have you ever had a conversation with someone and their entire mindset is self doubt? The pessimism is written all over their face and the verbiage that they speak wreaks, “I can’t do this or this is too difficult or this is too much. The unfortunate thing is that they are probably right, and it’s not because they can’t do all the things that they say they can’t do, it’s because they have already told their conscious and subconscious that they couldn’t. The self-defeat is in full effect and they can’t get out of their own way.

Get out of your own way! Yeah, I put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence because it irks me to the fifth power to hear someone proclaim what they can’t do without even trying. You are your own protagonist and you are in full control of your life. Sure, there are some things that we can’t control and shouldn’t be held accountable. We need to hold ourselves accountable for things that we can control, and the things that we can control is speaking self-doubt and self-defeat into existence.  If you are doing it, then you need to stop like yesterday and adopt a new mindset. A new optimistic mindset of, “I’m going to do it and if I fail, I will try again.”

I’m a computer programmer and each day I have to think like a computer by writing computer code. There are difficult days, but I always tell myself, “You are going to get it. It may not be today, but you will figure it out.” And guess what? It never fails, I figure it out! The reason I’m able to do what I do is because I have programmed myself into thinking positive, like a professional, like a competitor, and that will to succeed fire will forever burn inside of me. Don’t get me wrong, the mindset doesn’t come overnight and it should be learned and practiced on the daily. In other words, you need a daily mindset reality check. It’s okay to check yourself. I do it alllllll the time, and at times very harshly. But that’s what works best for me. You may want to be handled with kid gloves. My point is, to do whatever you have to do to destroy your self-defeat attitude by adopting the fear of failure mentality, but overstand that failure is not the end of the world, but giving up is.

Today and moving forward, let’s adopt a brand new philosophy of, “Get out of your own damn way.”

Turn the self-defeat into self-increase. 

Can I get an Amen?

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.


Melanin Be Poppin

Tar Baby (2)

It’s going down on November 01, 2018. The release of my 3rd book, “Tar Baby.” Is a fictional read for young adults.

The authors of “The Ghetto Blues” are back and we are dedicating this book to all the beautiful melanin poppin young girls that were(are) constantly teased and ridiculed because of their Creator’s given hue. We are turning the negative tone about skin complexions around and setting the dialog for strong, confident, fierce, beautiful, and respectful girls and young women.

Tar Baby is a two-part series and will be available on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, and from the authors(Tammy and Tahirah Brooks).

Here’s a description (down below) of  “Tar Baby” and it is available for pre-sale on Amazon. Click the link for more information or to pre-order.

Tianna Thompson is an adolescence trying to find her way in a world where her skin complexion is the center of attention.
She’s ridiculed by classmates and even her own family because of her dark chocolate skin.
The name calling starts in elementary school and gets worse in high school.

Tasha is Tianna’s bestfriend and has had her back since elementary school fighting against the bullies. Tianna and Tasha have a lot in common such as, they both are known as Tar Babies.

Tasha has an older brother, Jackson that’s secretly in love with Tianna. But Jackson isn’t the only guy that wants Tianna. Her male friend, Jamal who is on his way to the NBA will stop at nothing to convince Tianna that he’s the man for her present and future.

Tianna loves both Jackson and Jamal, but she loves one as a friend and the other as a lover.
Will Tasha end her twelve-year friendship with Tianna if she finds that her bestfriend is in love with her brother?
Will Tianna chose between her heart or friendship?


Unapologetic Poetic

Unapologetic Poetic (5) (1)

Unapologetic Poetic is dedicated to my sister, Terrie Campbell Thornton. It’s her 46th birthday. 

Unapologetic Poetic is a short read composed of fifteen poems and seventeen quotes.

I wrote a lot of these poems about eighteen years ago. The poems pertained to my life at the time, but not all of them.  I treasured these poems, because they were written from my heart and have been locked away. I decided to share them with you on a special day like today, August 6th, my sister’s birthday. Unapologetic Poetic is dedicated to her.

Unapologetic Poetic is available on Amazon, Kobo, SmashWords, and Google Play.

My husband’s birthday was Saturday and I wrote this poem for him in 2014.

I Really Didn’t Want to Dance

I Really Didn_t Want to DanceI really didn_t want to dancesince I was deep into my beauty restwhen he played a familiar melody.The one I couldn_t resist.He pulled me to his dance f