Unapologetic Poetic

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Unapologetic Poetic is dedicated to my sister, Terrie Campbell Thornton. It’s her 46th birthday. 

Unapologetic Poetic is a short read composed of fifteen poems and seventeen quotes.

I wrote a lot of these poems about eighteen years ago. The poems pertained to my life at the time, but not all of them.  I treasured these poems, because they were written from my heart and have been locked away. I decided to share them with you on a special day like today, August 6th, my sister’s birthday. Unapologetic Poetic is dedicated to her.

Unapologetic Poetic is available on Amazon, Kobo, SmashWords, and Google Play.

My husband’s birthday was Saturday and I wrote this poem for him in 2014.

I Really Didn’t Want to Dance

I Really Didn_t Want to DanceI really didn_t want to dancesince I was deep into my beauty restwhen he played a familiar melody.The one I couldn_t resist.He pulled me to his dance f