Rhythm and Blues Monday


The light is always at the end of the journey, only if there’s a light at the starting point. ~Tammy Campbell brooks

Before I get into the meat and potato of this blog, I want you to be warned that the promise I made a few Monday’s ago, will take place today. I just want to share a few words of working towards what you are passionate about.

My daughter and I are passionate about promoting my first debut novel, so we go every Saturday and put in the leg work of promoting the book. On Saturday, we frequented the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore and The Dead Tree Bookstore that carries the book on their bookshelves for sale.

I never would have thought writing and promoting a book would be so challenging. The good news is that with each challenge there are experiences and lessons  learned on what works and what doesn’t work.

At the end of the day, ‘try’ to do what you are passionate about. I know finances are limited and many of us are stuck in these dead end jobs, but that’s temporarily okay, because at least your heart and desire are on a different pathway. Continue doing what you are doing, but don’t let it be the end to all means. Work each day for what you really want out of life.

Do what you are passionate for and you will never go hungry. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks



I promised you the Shiggy Challenge video and here it is…(I took the opportunity to promote “The Ghetto Blues” in the process). Yes, I’m always thinking like an entrepreneur because I am one.


He Cheated On You, Now What?




You are only a victim when you have no choice; otherwise, you are an enabler. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

The man that you love has been creeping with another woman and you just found out. The truth of the matter is, that you have known for quite some time, but didn’t want to rock the boat or be alone, so you tried to ignore it hoping that it will go away.

It never does go away, but don’t worry, you did what over 50% of women have done when they find out their man was cheating behind their back. They stayed and pretended like it wasn’t happening, even though their intuition screamed it each time he walked in and out the front door. Each time his cell-phone beeped with a text message or phone rung.

The day reality has finally sat in is the toughest and most grueling, and painful time. So what are you going to do? You are going to move on because you have no other choice. He doesn’t respect you. He doesn’t know your worth since you didn’t let him know your worth. You allowed him to diminish your value. The value of your self-esteem and self-worth. In order to regain your priceless value, you must start building what you have lost, You.

The first step to getting over a heartbreak is to cry it all out. Lock yourself in the room and scream until you can’t scream anymore, and acknowledge your pain the best way you know how for release. If you need a few days to get it all out then do so, but once you do, you will feel much better and are ready to start dating and loving a new person, and the new person is you.

I’ve never adhered to or agreed with the saying, “The best way to get over a man is to get under a new one.”  Really? What does that solve? You will be in the same situation you are in now practicing that type of strategy. This is temporary and masking the real pain. It’s like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. I don’t advise it, so don’t do it.

The second thing that needs to be done after crying and releasing your heartache is, start dating yourself. Get to know you. Take yourself out on dates and treat yourself the way you want that next man to treat you. It’s called, reestablishing your self-worth. Learning the value of you. Healing from within and starting anew.

Find things that interest you that you never had time to do. The best thing you can do is keep yourself busy. Join a gym and shed the excess pounds that you have always wanted to get rid of but never had the time. Perfect the inner and outer you.

Reading and journaling are also effective when picking up the pieces after your man has gone astray. Keep in mind that his actions had nothing to do with you. You can only control you. You have no control over what he chose to do, but you do have control over what you allowed or how to react. He only did what you allowed him to do. Don’t buy into his manipulative ways making you feel as though his cheating ways is your fault. It’s not. It’s him and he needs to take accountability for his own actions.

When he tries to return after his relationship doesn’t work out, don’t you dare take him back. He is no longer trustworthy and the relationship is volatile. He will leave as soon as the next opportunity comes knocking at his door or another skirt catches his interest. The best thing that you could do is tell that boy, bye! And mean it.

So, what are you going to do now that he has cheated? You will live and learn to love the brand new you!

Once you truly fall back in love with you, there can’t be another person that could break the bond of love of yourself.  When the next man comes along, he will know and respect your worth.

Refuse to sell yourself short. Remind yourself that this heartache is tomorrow’s milestone and with each day that pass, it gets bigger and better.

You will be smiling again in no time. I promise.

smile AA

Comment below and tell me how you got over your heartbreak.



What is Your Legacy?


Everyone has a story to tell, the tragedy is leaving it untold. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Whether you know it or not, you have a purpose in this world. From the day you take your first breath until the last breath, you’ve created a legacy. One that’s passed down from generation to generation. Your children are your legacy. What you are doing to make a difference in this temporary world, is your legacy. The way you live your life, is your legacy. Are you proud of your legacy?

My legacy is important to me and I want to leave a great one, and one that my children, Bobby and Tahirah could be proud of. I want to be my children and future grandchildren’s greatest role model. When I leave this earth, I want my children to say, “My mother was an extraordinary woman and my shero. She passed along a great legacy.”

Today I live for my legacy. I eat, sleep, and breathe my legacy.  I’m content with it and could look myself in the mirror and say that I’m proud. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

What legacy will you leave? Today is the day to start thinking about it. Don’t wait because nothing is promised.



Amazing Things


Authors of The Ghetto Blues, Tammy and Tahirah

You don’t have to be an amazing person to do amazing things. ~ Tammy Campbell Brooks

I promised you the Shiggy Challenge video for the Monday’s Rhythm & Blues, but I had to reschedule it because my daughter and I were out this weekend doing amazing things.

We were in Austin, Texas trying to get The Ghetto Blues in more bookstores and at the public libraries for easier access to readers. We are trying to reach all people to hopefully transform, inspire, and encourage them to never give up no matter what life throws at them. While we were there, we frequented The Book People and The Book Woman bookstores that are carrying the book and took pictures.

While I was out doing what I felt was amazing, I didn’t forget about the Shiggy Challenge, so I will definitely have the video ready by next Monday.

In the meantime, be amazing and do amazing things. Do things in what you consider amazing.

The Book Woman Bookstore (Austin, Texas)July 21, 2018


The Book People Bookstore (Austin, Texas)July 21, 2018


In My Feelings Friday

Unique pinky friday meme Pin by victoria mullins on love Pinterest


You are a victim only if you have no choice, otherwise, you are an enabler. ~ Tammy Campbell Brooks

We made it through another work week! I have big plans for the weekend. How about you?

I have to make up for the “L” that I took last night. But today, I’m in full throttle mode and ready to move steadfast ahead on what I need to do to get the word out about my debut autobiography, “The Ghetto Blues.”

The Ghetto Blues is a captivating and inspirational true story about my life growing up in the Ghetto of San Antonio, Texas but not succumbing to the environment. I was knocked down many times but continued to rise like a buttermilk biscuit.

I surrounded myself  around positive people because I was destined to break the cycle and chains along with the Ghetto mentality mindset. I’m a warrior not a victim.

Let’s keep the positivity growing and going on this Friday! Beware of the Joy Killers. 

Think positive and let your inner chakras be charged.


Joy Killers



Rob happiness don’t let it rob you. ~ Tammy Campbell Brooks

They are everywhere and are out to suck your precious moments. They hate to see you smile, laugh, or enjoy life. If you are not their equal then they make sure they bring you down to their equal or lower. There’s no escaping them because they are your family, friends, significant others, co-workers, associates, strangers, and social media(people that you don’t know).

They are the JOY KILLERS, and they are looking for victims daily to kill joy.

Joy Killers objective is to make your day miserable. And we are human, so it’s easy to get bitten and sucked in by them, but when you do fall victim, vent it out(drop a few f bombs) and then get on with the rest of your day.

Don’t let Joy Killers consume 24 hours of your day that you will never get back. 

Stay positive and don’t feed the joy killers. They will eventually starve to death and move on to their next prey.


Fear Is The Biggest Bully

Fear roadblock

Fear is a road block, so just go around it. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

My husband was awake all night because he has a major interview this morning. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he has anxiety, motivated, and nervous about the interview. I advised him to try to get some sleep. I was too sleepy to talk to him about fear. Therefore, I want to do so in my blog and hopefully he sees it before his interview.

The best way to overcome our fears are to face them head on. The more we run away, the greater that fear and anxiety takes control over our mind and body.  It’s easier said than done but it is something that must be practiced. Yes, I said it, practiced.

We all have fear, every person on this earth. Many will not admit it, but it’s true. The first step to overcoming fear is acknowledge its presence, but let it know that you are ready to put up a fight. A fight for your sanity. A fight for progress. A fight to win!

We must let the biggest bully in this world know that it will no longer control who we are or want to become. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

I want everyone to practice overcoming fear, and to send positive vibes my husband way and for others that need it.

Meditation video for fear and anxiety

Monday Blues

Always remember that hard times are temporary milestones.  ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Each week, we ask the rhetorical question of, where did the weekend go? We know exactly where it went. It went and goes where you go. Only you can logically answer this age old question.

We feel as though, the weekend went too fast and now we have to wake-up early and get ready to start another week of “Monday Blues.”

I’m here to help you get through the day. Whatever you are going through, stay positive and do the best YOU can to get through it. 

One of the things that gets me through tough days and it never fails is music. I LOVE music, and like the O’Jays say, “Any kind of music, just as long as it’s groovin.”

On this Monday, I’m challenging whoever is following me to the “I’m in my feelings” Shiggy dance Challenge, by Drake.

Next Monday, I will post a video of me doing the challenge. If you want to participate, please send me an email and a video so that I could feature you, too! Each Monday, I will post a Shiggy dance challenge video.

Let’s turn our Monday Blues into Monday’s Rhythm & Blues.

Shiggy Dance Challenge, “In My Feelings” by Drake.

Two Full video on how to do the Shiggy dance:

Female Shiggy dance Tutorial



A Dream Come True

Through my words, I will aspire to live forever. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Writing is a hobby, but not in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I could make a difference.

A dream just became a reality overnight. I don’t know what my purpose is in this world, but my dream is to inspire. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Last night, I received good news that my debut autobiography, “The Ghetto Blues” is available at Walmart stores.  Prior to being available at Walmart, “The Ghetto Blues” is available at Barnes and Nobles, The Book People bookstore, The Dead Tree bookstore, The Bookwoman bookstore, and also at local libraries.

I don’t know who’s looking down on me, but I humbly appreciate it. I want to celebrate my good news with all indie authors, self-published authors, hybrids, to let them know that your book could do the same.

Keep marketing and don’t let anyone say what you can or can’t do.

Believe in you and your hard work. Let’s break the glass ceiling of traditional publishing.