Fear Is The Biggest Bully

Fear roadblock

Fear is a road block, so just go around it. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

My husband was awake all night because he has a major interview this morning. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he has anxiety, motivated, and nervous about the interview. I advised him to try to get some sleep. I was too sleepy to talk to him about fear. Therefore, I want to do so in my blog and hopefully he sees it before his interview.

The best way to overcome our fears are to face them head on. The more we run away, the greater that fear and anxiety takes control over our mind and body. ┬áIt’s easier said than done but it is something that must be practiced. Yes, I said it, practiced.

We all have fear, every person on this earth. Many will not admit it, but it’s true. The first step to overcoming fear is acknowledge its presence, but let it know that you are ready to put up a fight. A fight for your sanity. A fight for progress. A fight to win!

We must let the biggest bully in this world know that it will no longer control who we are or want to become. ~Tammy Campbell Brooks

I want everyone to practice overcoming fear, and to send positive vibes my husband way and for others that need it.

Meditation video for fear and anxiety