MAJORSTAGE Presents Live: Soberichs

August 23, 2022

You don’t want to miss the show that’s featuring:



Nia Zhane

Nina Mone

Queen Belle

The show is for grown folks(21 and up)and leave the drama at home! No Covid-19 testing required.

Tickets: $27.50 and doors open up at 7:00p.m. to get your drink on.

To purchase tickets, click on the link and select Soberichs.

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I remember when life was complicated but so simple. Growing up in an arduous environment that didn’t offer much hope. Hanging out with my girlfriends, walking the streets with no particular place to go. We were just chillin’, listening to music as it was food, solace, and healin’. We had no care in the world and all we could think about was our next hair style, latest attire, boy crush, and the mean girls. We’d meet up the next day after school and it was the same rinse and repeat agenda. Oh yeah, I remember when we first heard the Sugar Hill Gang, Rapper’s Delight and six years later, Run-DMC’s Peter Piper was on the Top 100 list. It was hip-hop without the bitches, hoes, and violence. We lost our minds listening to the beat of those cowbells. I remember those good ole days, of hop-scotch, red light-green light, hide-n-seek, that’s my car, dodgeball, and writing with chalk on the sidewalks, “he loves me, he loves me not.” Miss Mary Mack all dressed in black, and pumping our fist to the 18-wheelers to honk their horns. Running behind the ice-cream truck to buy the red, white, and blue ice cream bomb. Man, I remember when the roller-skating rink was our escape. We’d say, meet me at Goliad at such and such time and don’t be late. We thought we were fine and young, skating backwards and forwards, with lollipops in our mouths sticking out our red, blue, and purple tongues. Yeah, we were young and innocent in a complicated world. I remember….

New Music – Soberichs (Oceans)

Soberichs – Oceans (Official Video) Oceans out now:……

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Music video by Soberichs performing Oceans. © 2022 Soberichs.

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Get The Monkey(s) Off Your Back

We have heard the old adage, “get the monkey off your back” but like what does it mean when you don’t have a monkey/animal on your back? Well, technically, you do and everyone does, but many will ignore them and continue to hang on to the monkey(s) until their dying days. The monkey(s) I’m referring to are bitterness, resentment, hate, fear, envy, or whatever is causing you unhappiness. It’s time to acknowledge those monkeys and transition into a better you by forgiving people who have done you dirty, whether it’s your parents, spouse, significant other, friends, family, co-worker, pastor, and the list goes on. There are many monkey(s) that fit the description, so we are going to call them all out and start our healing journey TODAY.

Let’s start with childhood, you didn’t have the greatest parents in the world. They were abusive, drug addicts, abandonment, neglectful, or piss poor excuses as any type of role models. Basically, being raised by your parents, the odds were stacked against you. I get it, you have Mommy and/or Daddy issues but let’s turn the early days of your rearing into something positive, had you not been raised in that manner, would you be the person you are today? Had you not been raised in poverty, would you have a fear of failure that has taught you to budget, save, and be more financially responsible as an adult? Would you be a go-getter? Whether your answer is yes, no, or maybe, it’s time to get the monkey(s) off your back.

Your significant other was a cheater, abuser, a no good SOB. (S)He caused your drug addiction, low self-esteem, or demise. You wish you had never met the grimy, narcissistic, controlling, self-absorbed, cheap, fill in(the blank) any type of adjective to describe the person. Yup, we all have been the fool for a fool. But what did you learn from the toxic relationship and did it give you the tools necessary to grow and handle future encounters?

You can choose your friends but not your family. In fact, your family has caused you more heartaches, headaches, and ass aches than any known foe. The truth of the matter is, you still love them but don’t like their actions. And it’s a little harder to forgive or get the monkey off your back because after all, they are FAMILY, BLOOD, and RELATED to you.

Somebody, somewhere, and somehow needs to read this blog and realize that it’s time to address the monkey(s) and get them off your back once and for all. Let’s be realistic, this is not a quickie, a sprint, or relay, the process is a step-by-step marathon depending on how deeply you have been hurt. In fact, it probably won’t ever happen, but, it’s not because it can’t, it’s due to the fact that YOU won’t let it. You continue to feed the beast that’s robbing your happiness, sucking all your positive energy, and short-changing your blessings. The monkey is you, self-destructing.

The journey has been long, hard, dreadful, and you are tired of being sick and tired. You are waving the white flag, not to surrender to the monkey(s), oh no, you are doing it for you. You will no longer succumb to the resentment, anger, frustration, and sleepless nights trying to control the uncontrollable. You are taking back your strength, energy, and freedom of life to heal your mental state. You are looking in the mirror TODAY, RIGHT NOW, and saying, “I LOVE ME AND I’M GOING TO SHOW ME HOW MUCH.” And you are going to continue to do this daily until it manifest. You will do this for each and every monkey. You will take back your power and use it for betterment. You will love you from this day forward so that you can spread the love to those around you, and it becomes a domino effect. You will free yourself from the monkey(s). It’s long overdue, and the time is now.

Good bye,



Have a nice life,

GET THE GETTIN’, monkey(s).

Live, love, laugh and positive vibes until next time.

Kansas City’s R&B Artist (Roosevelt Broome)

How Poetic

Kansas City’s native, Roosevelt Broome has dropped his second EP on June 4, 2021. How Poetic is a mix of R&B and new Hip-Hop and has become an all-time favorite in my playlist. Roosevelt sings about hardships and relationships but turns it into a creative style of melodious tunes. He is an artist that can do it all from romancing the microphone to a versatile style of hip-hop. How Poetic features five songs:

  1. Elevate
  2. No Rush(Remix) Featuring Myles Allen
  3. Never Call Me
  4. WhyamIsorry
  5. Is This Love?

Roosevelt’s first EP, Go Ahead, Explain is another banger that speaks truths about situations, and How Poetic is a follow-up to the breakthrough album that is lyrical, brilliant, and soulful. The poetical bars are for young at heart listeners, no age limit requirement. Although, it is paternal advisory explicit content, I would consider it mild. If you are into music that is fresh, new, urban, creative, debonair, and downright fire then I dare you to download Roosevelt’s EPs(Go Ahead, Explain and How Poetic) available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and just about any streaming music app. Trust me when I say, you will know who Roosevelt Broome is nationwide.

Go Ahead, Explain [Explicit]
Go Ahead, Explain

Links to EPs on Amazon music

Brilliant Daye (Book 1)


Billy Daye, the star quarterback and Sasha West, the hottest cheerleader meet in high school. Billy needs to pass his algebra class to be eligible to play in the football game. Sasha doesn’t tutor jocks because she feels that they are all dumb, but will she make an exception to the rule and tutor Billy?

Barbara Knight is Sasha’s cousin and has taken upon the task to try and help Billy pass algebra. The only problem is that he doesn’t want Barbara to tutor him, his love interest is her cousin.

There are many events that will join Billy, Barbara, and Sasha together as they will forever be entangled, either by friendship or love. 

This three-part series will introduce you to a young prodigy, Brilliant Daye that will show her community how to unite, buy land, and create generational wealth.

Brilliant Daye sees the beauty in all people and feels that anyone could be reformed and that includes her late grandfather’s murderer.

Find out how Brilliant Daye will change her community one day at a time.

The Ghetto Blues #Ownvoices

The Ghetto Blues



I was elated and honored to know that my niece’s friend, Lakeisha had chosen, “The Ghetto Blues” for their book club read. My niece received a lot of positive feedback from the group and they are very interested in more of my work.

Ghetto Blues-Book club

The Ghetto Blues took me approximately one year to write, and I poured my heart and soul into the book because I wrote it for my children and grandchildren. I wasn’t going to publish it until my children and niece recommended it because a lot of people needed to hear my story, and there’s a lot of women out there that can relate. I went back and forth because it’s my personal life and everyone knows how judgmental people can be. But since the release of the book in March 2018, it has helped me tremendously deal with things of my past that I had locked away. It has been therapy and I can say that I feel free. My skeletons are out of the closet and I’ve have helped other women in the process.

I would like to thank LaKeisha and the rest of the ladies/gentlemen that purchased and read my autobiography. A lot of the ladies said that they could relate to my story. It was beautifully written and their emotions was all over the place.

The Ghetto Blues makes you laugh, smile, cry, and be inspired. It’s not a woe me book. It’s a captivating story of perseverance, determination, and never giving up!

Stay encouraged and your light will shine bright.

Until next time, love, peace, and positive vibes all day, everyday.


Ghetto Blues-book club1

Lakeisha chose the theme: (musical notes) I love it! So beautiful. (makes me proud)

Ghetto Blues-book club2

The Ghetto Blues synopsis:

My legacy is important to me. I want to leave a legacy that my children and grandchildren could be proud of. A legacy that would be a blueprint for future generations to tweak and make better.

I write this book for future generations to learn, grow, and inspire to be a better you. This book is the story of my life and based on true events. It’s about a young lady that struggled through her identity crisis and was raised in unstable environments and poverty.

A story about a life of tragedy, trepidation, but triumph. I never accepted the ideology of a victim. Instead, I embraced strength, resilience, and a warrior’s philosophy. I fit the perfect description of Tupac Shakur’s meaning of the saying, “a rose that grew from the concrete.” When the odds were stacked against me, I continued to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I believe that you are only a victim when you have no choice; otherwise, you are an enabler. I had no choice being born into poverty, but I had a choice on whether to rise above my circumstances.
My desire was to break the mental and physical chains plagued in our communities and instill new ones for me and my children.

My story goes out to all the people that suffered and survived, The Ghetto Blues. I hope to transform and inspire you to never give up on you.