In My Feelings Friday

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You are a victim only if you have no choice, otherwise, you are an enabler. ~ Tammy Campbell Brooks

We made it through another work week! I have big plans for the weekend. How about you?

I have to make up for the “L” that I took last night. But today, I’m in full throttle mode and ready to move steadfast ahead on what I need to do to get the word out about my debut autobiography, “The Ghetto Blues.”

The Ghetto Blues is a captivating and inspirational true story about my life growing up in the Ghetto of San Antonio, Texas but not succumbing to the environment. I was knocked down many times but continued to rise like a buttermilk biscuit.

I surrounded myself¬† around positive people because I was destined to break the cycle and chains along with the Ghetto mentality mindset. I’m a warrior not a victim.

Let’s keep the positivity growing and going on this Friday! Beware of the Joy Killers.¬†

Think positive and let your inner chakras be charged.