“Failure is not the end of the world but giving up is.” ~Tammy Campbell Brooks


Have you ever had a conversation with someone and their entire mindset is self doubt? The pessimism is written all over their face and the verbiage that they speak wreaks, “I can’t do this or this is too difficult or this is too much. The unfortunate thing is that they are probably right, and it’s not because they can’t do all the things that they say they can’t do, it’s because they have already told their conscious and subconscious that they couldn’t. The self-defeat is in full effect and they can’t get out of their own way.

Get out of your own way! Yeah, I put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence because it irks me to the fifth power to hear someone proclaim what they can’t do without even trying. You are your own protagonist and you are in full control of your life. Sure, there are some things that we can’t control and shouldn’t be held accountable. We need to hold ourselves accountable for things that we can control, and the things that we can control is speaking self-doubt and self-defeat into existence.  If you are doing it, then you need to stop like yesterday and adopt a new mindset. A new optimistic mindset of, “I’m going to do it and if I fail, I will try again.”

I’m a computer programmer and each day I have to think like a computer by writing computer code. There are difficult days, but I always tell myself, “You are going to get it. It may not be today, but you will figure it out.” And guess what? It never fails, I figure it out! The reason I’m able to do what I do is because I have programmed myself into thinking positive, like a professional, like a competitor, and that will to succeed fire will forever burn inside of me. Don’t get me wrong, the mindset doesn’t come overnight and it should be learned and practiced on the daily. In other words, you need a daily mindset reality check. It’s okay to check yourself. I do it alllllll the time, and at times very harshly. But that’s what works best for me. You may want to be handled with kid gloves. My point is, to do whatever you have to do to destroy your self-defeat attitude by adopting the fear of failure mentality, but overstand that failure is not the end of the world, but giving up is.

Today and moving forward, let’s adopt a brand new philosophy of, “Get out of your own damn way.”

Turn the self-defeat into self-increase. 

Can I get an Amen?

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.



Tammy Campbell Brooks is a native of San Antonio, Texas where she resides with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading, writing, and studying American history as hobbies. The Ghetto Blues is her debut book written about true events that occurred in her life. The successor of The Ghetto Blues novel, "Daddy Issues" is set to be released in 2019.

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