Kansas City’s R&B Artist (Roosevelt Broome)

How Poetic

Kansas City’s native, Roosevelt Broome has dropped his second EP on June 4, 2021. How Poetic is a mix of R&B and new Hip-Hop and has become an all-time favorite in my playlist. Roosevelt sings about hardships and relationships but turns it into a creative style of melodious tunes. He is an artist that can do it all from romancing the microphone to a versatile style of hip-hop. How Poetic features five songs:

  1. Elevate
  2. No Rush(Remix) Featuring Myles Allen
  3. Never Call Me
  4. WhyamIsorry
  5. Is This Love?

Roosevelt’s first EP, Go Ahead, Explain is another banger that speaks truths about situations, and How Poetic is a follow-up to the breakthrough album that is lyrical, brilliant, and soulful. The poetical bars are for young at heart listeners, no age limit requirement. Although, it is paternal advisory explicit content, I would consider it mild. If you are into music that is fresh, new, urban, creative, debonair, and downright fire then I dare you to download Roosevelt’s EPs(Go Ahead, Explain and How Poetic) available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and just about any streaming music app. Trust me when I say, you will know who Roosevelt Broome is nationwide.

Go Ahead, Explain [Explicit]
Go Ahead, Explain

Links to EPs on Amazon music




Tammy Campbell Brooks is a native of San Antonio, Texas where she resides with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading, writing, and studying American history as hobbies. The Ghetto Blues is her debut book written about true events that occurred in her life. The successor of The Ghetto Blues novel, "Daddy Issues" is set to be released in 2019.

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