Attitude is Your Greatest Attribute



Attitude dictates the outcome of any situation.”

We have all read and heard about Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and his decision to kneel for the pledge of allegiance during football games. Kaepernick’s decision to kneel for the flag is to bring awareness to police brutality and social injustices towards black people. If you haven’t heard of Colin Kaepernick then you must be living in a box far away. Anyway, the latest Kaepernick news is,the Nike “Just Do It” commercial that’s sponsoring Kaepernick in their ad. There were people burning their Nike gear and boycotting the company because “how dare Nike sponsor such a person that’s so frickin disrespect to our American flag.” 

Nike response to the people burning their already purchased Nike gear and planning to boycott their company was ho hum. In fact, Nike’s sales increased by 31% since the release of the Kaepernick ad.

My point is, that no matter what you are going through in life, your attitude dictates the outcome whether it’s positive or negative. In Nike’s case, there has been a little bit of a backlash, but not enough to hurt their sales agenda. I’m sure Nike strategically analyzed how a “polarizing person” could affect their sales before deciding to sponsor Kaepernick and the release of the ad. Nike was well aware of how many “patriot” people deem Kaepernick as a disrespectful, unappreciated rich thug that should leave America if he doesn’t want to stand for the red, white, and blue flag.  Little do these ignorant people know that Kaepernick being 50% melanated(so-called black), means that he’s already in his home country, America. The so-called Black Americans are the REAL first Americans. But that’s another history lesson for another day.  I digress.

People will come at you from many different angles on the daily. Life isn’t unfair, it’s the people in this world that makes life unfair, and at times, you are going to come in contact with bitter people. You will also have days where everything seems to go wrong. You want to lash out and curse the first person that even looks at you side ways, but let’s not go there. It will only add more fuel to the already burning fire inside of you. Instead of lashing out negatively, let’s find another alternative to put out the fire. A strategy that I recommend and often use is water. I know what you’re thinking, water? Yeah, it takes water to put out blazing fires, so why not use water to keep you from igniting? Whenever you feel like giving in to a bad attitude, change your attitude and take a minute to remove yourself from the situation, and drink some water to cool off. If you drink the purified or alkaline water, it gives your body what it needs to increase your serotonin levels that causes you to react in different situations. Serotonin is found in the stomach and intestines of the body. It regulates the mood swings that your body sends to your brain. Water decreases the stomach acid and helps the body keep a normal PH level. To keep the body functioning at its most optimum level, drink more water in stressful situation to stay calm and level headed.  Water increases the serotonin to make you happier and calmer.

I’m no doctor, but drinking water when I’m angry has helped me a lot when I want to choke the daylights out of people. I’m serious, but not serious.(hehe).  If your boss is getting on your last damn nerve then go drink some water. Your attitude is everything, so why not feed it with the proper natural nutrition to help you succeed in your everyday encounters?

How you interact or react to a situation is the result(s) that you will 9 times out of 10 receive in return, and your attitude will determine the outcome.

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.