Tar Baby



Tar Baby is available for Pre-Order on Amazon for $2.99.

Available on e-book and print on December 01, 2018.

Target audience: Young teens and young adults.


In society, young black girls are constantly told that in order for them to be considered “beautiful” they have to be light skinned. If you are dark-skinned, then you are marginalized, and are harshly judged and ridiculed.

Tar Baby discusses issues, such as racism, colorism, self-hate, and other stereotypes that plague the black community. Self-hate stems from a very young age, and it surrounds us through imagery. Imagery is powerful, because it attacks the subconscious and depicts black as evil, and white as everything that is good.

Tianna grew up in a household where she was called derogatory names due to her skin color; In effect, that caused her to have issues within herself growing up. As Tianna got older, she began to realize the beauty of being dark-skinned, and embraced her inner and outer self.

Tar Baby is dedicated to all the dark skin girls who have been put down because of colorism. We know your stories and struggles. We encourage you to always find beauty from within, and not look in society’s eyes to define you.

Your melanin be poppin’ and don’t you forget it!


Peace, love, and Postive vibes.

The Ten Second Broken Snapshots.



Times have changed, but the old age saying of the grass being greener still remains the same.

I’m glad that I didn’t grow up during this time-period, and empathize with how difficult it must be for the younger generation to acquire relationships. The online social media frenzy takes control of every aspect of a person’s ability to ‘think’ reasonable.

Everybody can be who and what they want to be on social media. Lies, disloyalty, and facades run wild. A picture of a perfect relationship or marriage is painted with a ten second snapshot(pic). You get suckered into those daily snapshots and compare those snapshots to your REAL life. You feel inadequate and how you could be missing out on that perfect relationship that you see on social media. You begin looking at your significant other and comparing him/her to those ten second snapshots(pics). Your distorted mind starts playing tricks on you and began causing friction in your used to be stable relationship. You wonder what the hell you are doing in your current relationship and began romanticizing about those online snapshots.

It’s time to make a change and you need to do it fast! You have met that perfect guy or girl on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or at work,etc. She’s cool. He’s fine. You want to get to know them better, because after all, your current stable relationship is dull and boring. You want and need excitement!

You hook up with the online love interest and it’s going all so well. You think to yourself, I want to leave my current relationship and start anew. I love being with the ‘new’ guy or girl. He/She’s perfect and exactly what I want in a man/woman. She/he understands me better than my current significant other. Your thoughts continue to fester and you need more time to be with that person to evaluate, and need assurance that the new relationship is going to last, because once you leave your current situation, there’s no turning back. Your current relationship grows more and more into turmoil because you are constantly thinking about that online love interest. You are ready to walk out that door! You can do better! I don’t need him/her because I got a better love interest!

You have left your current situation and have moved on into the new relationship. Everything is going well, except, it’s not going how you planned. You’re finally getting to spend more time with the new guy or girl, and they are starting to be totally opposite of when you were cheating. You no longer have to cheat, so the thrill of cheating is gone. You get to see the REAL person and not that ten second snapshot.

You’re right back at square one, well actually, square one is no longer available, you got rid of that square to be at another square. You’re at ground zero. You start to have remorse, buyer’s remorse. Similar to, “I shouldn’t have traded in my old car that was paid off and worked just fine for this shiny new car that I have to make monthly payments.” One day, you see your old car that you traded in, and it owns the road, just like it did when you drove it, but now, it has a NEW owner and the NEW owner has fixed it up to make it better. The old car seems much happier than when you owned it. After all, you rarely washed, cleaned, or maintained it. You had no appreciation for the old car and of how it got you back and forth to work with the turn of the key. You mistreated it. You become disgruntled. Your shiny new wheels began to look old, and quite frankly, you are tired of making those monthly payments, and that money could be put to good use elsewhere. The new car is becoming a pain to keep up with and drive. The every 3 month oil changes have increased in price along with the insurance rate.  You become unhappy, again. Just like you were before you traded in that old car.  You have come to realize, after the dusk is clearer,  your old car wasn’t the problem, you were the problem! You created the problem and now, you want your old car back!

Life is a snapshot, people are a snapshot, and both can be gone at the snap of a finger. There are no perfect people or relationships.  You spent all your time looking for the perfect relationship that doesn’t exists. You left a good relationship to capture a ten second broken snapshot. The snapshot is gone, just like your old paid off car. You feel even more alone and unhappy than before.  You log into your online social media account and see that your ten second snapshots are joined into the warped cycle that you got sucked into. You fell for the ten second broken snapshots, just like thousands of other people that are addicted to social media facade. Your misery has lots of online company!

The moral of this story is, to capture and treasure the REAL snapshots in your life. Put more effort and appreciation into what you have, instead of looking for something that doesn’t exists. Build REALITY snapshots that will last a lifetime.

Peace, love, and Positive Vibes!






The Heartless Stranger



The Heartless Stranger

The morning dew

Clouded the eyes of

The heartless stranger.

Pedal to the medal

And eyes so deadly

Staring at the red lights

Of a heartless stranger.

Bewildered with a crooked

smile turned upside down.

The humid air became cold,

Ice cold like the heartless stranger.

Time heals and the merry-go-round

Goes round and comes back around.

Bended knees on the solid ground

With no resentment of anger

As I walked away from the heartless stranger.

~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Fantasy Football Week 4 Starts & Sits

fantasy football

QBs Starts

Eli Manning vs NO

Russell Wilson vs ARZ

Baker Mayfield vs OAK

Drew Brees vs NYG

QBs Sits

Sam Donald vs JAX

Derek Carr vs CLEV

Dak Prescott vs DET (should be on the bench or ww. There are better options).

Blake Bortles vs NYJ

RBs Starts

Giovanni Bernard vs ATL

Sonny Micheal vs MIA

Chris Carson vs ARZ

Phillip Lindsey vs Pitt

John Howard vs TB

RBs Sits

Jay Ajayi vs TENN

Alex Collins vs Pitt

Dion Lewis vs PHI

LeGarrette Blount vs DAL

WRs Starts

Mike Williams vs SF

John Brown vs Pitt

Calvin Ridley vs CINN

Allen Robinson vs TB

WRs Sits

Robby Anderson vs JAX

Brandon Marshall vs ARZ

Cooper Kupp vs MINN

Golden Tate vs DAL

TEs Starts

Jimmy Graham vs Buf

Austin Hooper vs CINN

Trey Burton vs TB

Eric Ebron vs DAL

TEs Sits

George Kittle vs LAC

Zach Ertz vs TENN

James Jones vs BAL


Green Bay vs Buff

Seattle vs ARZ

Los Angeles Chargers vs SF

Cleveland vs OAK


Denver vs KC

Cinn vs ATL

San Francisco vs LAC



Good luck!














Attitude is Your Greatest Attribute



Attitude dictates the outcome of any situation.”

We have all read and heard about Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and his decision to kneel for the pledge of allegiance during football games. Kaepernick’s decision to kneel for the flag is to bring awareness to police brutality and social injustices towards black people. If you haven’t heard of Colin Kaepernick then you must be living in a box far away. Anyway, the latest Kaepernick news is,the Nike “Just Do It” commercial that’s sponsoring Kaepernick in their ad. There were people burning their Nike gear and boycotting the company because “how dare Nike sponsor such a person that’s so frickin disrespect to our American flag.” 

Nike response to the people burning their already purchased Nike gear and planning to boycott their company was ho hum. In fact, Nike’s sales increased by 31% since the release of the Kaepernick ad.

My point is, that no matter what you are going through in life, your attitude dictates the outcome whether it’s positive or negative. In Nike’s case, there has been a little bit of a backlash, but not enough to hurt their sales agenda. I’m sure Nike strategically analyzed how a “polarizing person” could affect their sales before deciding to sponsor Kaepernick and the release of the ad. Nike was well aware of how many “patriot” people deem Kaepernick as a disrespectful, unappreciated rich thug that should leave America if he doesn’t want to stand for the red, white, and blue flag.  Little do these ignorant people know that Kaepernick being 50% melanated(so-called black), means that he’s already in his home country, America. The so-called Black Americans are the REAL first Americans. But that’s another history lesson for another day.  I digress.

People will come at you from many different angles on the daily. Life isn’t unfair, it’s the people in this world that makes life unfair, and at times, you are going to come in contact with bitter people. You will also have days where everything seems to go wrong. You want to lash out and curse the first person that even looks at you side ways, but let’s not go there. It will only add more fuel to the already burning fire inside of you. Instead of lashing out negatively, let’s find another alternative to put out the fire. A strategy that I recommend and often use is water. I know what you’re thinking, water? Yeah, it takes water to put out blazing fires, so why not use water to keep you from igniting? Whenever you feel like giving in to a bad attitude, change your attitude and take a minute to remove yourself from the situation, and drink some water to cool off. If you drink the purified or alkaline water, it gives your body what it needs to increase your serotonin levels that causes you to react in different situations. Serotonin is found in the stomach and intestines of the body. It regulates the mood swings that your body sends to your brain. Water decreases the stomach acid and helps the body keep a normal PH level. To keep the body functioning at its most optimum level, drink more water in stressful situation to stay calm and level headed.  Water increases the serotonin to make you happier and calmer.

I’m no doctor, but drinking water when I’m angry has helped me a lot when I want to choke the daylights out of people. I’m serious, but not serious.(hehe).  If your boss is getting on your last damn nerve then go drink some water. Your attitude is everything, so why not feed it with the proper natural nutrition to help you succeed in your everyday encounters?

How you interact or react to a situation is the result(s) that you will 9 times out of 10 receive in return, and your attitude will determine the outcome.

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.


Fantasy Football Week 2 Starts & Sits


fantasy football

If you play fantasy football then you would like to know that the players that are in your starting line-up each week are the best choice. Many of you will turn to the NFL Network and listen to Fantasy Live with Michael Fabiano to see who he predict is a good player to star or sit for the week. The problem is, he takes the obvious starts and sits each week, but don’t go beyond it. The experts are afraid to take the difficult starts and sits.

If you suck at football then I’m your girl. I win fantasy football EVERY year. I’ve been playing since 2011. I’m currently playing in five leagues this season.

Anyway, what about the difficult starts and sits? I’m here to help you with the players that the experts don’t want to touch. Keep in mind that this is my best analysis and won’t be an ironclad definitive answer. Please don’t come at me each week to lament on how you lost your fantasy match by listening to me or reading my blog. You are responsible for setting YOUR lineup and each decision that you make is on you.

I will only cover the skill positions and defense Each Week.

My Starts and Sits for Week 2 (2018)

QB Starts

Jared Goff  vs ARI

Goff is playing at home and playing against the Cardinals defense that was run all over by the Washington Redskins in WEEK 1. Start Goff with confidence. I predict 25+ fantasy points.

Case Keenum vs Oak

The Broncos defense kicks it up a notch at Mile High Stadium. The Raiders will start the season at 0-2 after Sunday. Which they should. Who trades the best defensive player of the decade? Don’t answer that. I have raiders fan reading this blog. I expect Keenum to use his undrafted RB, Philip Lindsay, and rookie, Royce Freeman; they both will have 10+fantasy points. Keenum throws for 300+yards and 3 TDs.

DeShaun Watson vs Ten

Watson had a horrific WEEK 1, but I expect him to bounce back in WEEK 3. He didn’t have many reps during pre-season and coming off his ACL tear last season, fantasy owners are going to reap the benefits of his arm and running abilities by WEEK 3. Watson is a good start this week because he has owned the Titans. QB, Marcus Mariota is ailing and so is his star, WR, Corey Davis. I expect Tennesse ‘s defense to be on the field a lot due to the inability to sustain drives by the Titans. Watson will have a good week. I’m predicting over 25 fantasy points.

Tyrod(Tu-rod) Taylor vs NO

His mama named him Tyrod pronounced Tu-rod. We won’t see the same numbers that Ryan Fitzpatrick put up against the Saints last week, but Tyrod will eat and he will eat good. Cleveland will upset the New Orleans Saints, and the Saints will go down 0-2. Many picked the Saints to win the Superbowl, but not this season, son. They won’t even make the playoffs. Start Tyrod with confidence or go pick him up off the waiver wire.

QB Sits for WEEK 2

Russell Wilson vs Chicago

Blake Bortles vs NE

Derek Carr vs DEN

Sam Bradford vs LA

RBs Starts

Melvin Gordon vs Buff

The Baltimore Ravens entire offense/defense had a field day against Nate Peterman and the Buffalo Bills. It was embarrassing to see on the field. I expect the same results from Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler(Flex). Start them with confidence this week!

Carlos Hyde vs NO

Hyde looked great in the preseason and he looked good in game 1 against the Steelers. Carlos will get 12-15 fantasy points this week. He’s good as an RB2 or Flex position.

Lamar Miller vs Ten

Miller almost had 100 yards last week, only 2 yards shy of the mark. The entire offense of the Texans was lethargic. The Patriots are the best team in the league when it comes to adjustments. Bill Belchick planned well for his former student coach, Bill O-Brien last week. I expect the Texans to win big in Tennessee. Miller will get 100 yards and a score. Book it!

Matt Breida vs DET

Breida is going against a defense that was the laughing stock on Monday night. The Jets were either that good or Detriot’s defense was that bad. The 49ers are looking to redeem themselves and will bounce back against the Lions. Give Breida more touches and receptions and you will see what he can do. I expect 85 yards rushing, 25 receiving, and 1 TD.

RB Sits for WEEK 2

Any of the Detriot Lions RBs vs San Fran

Joe Williams vs MINN

Peyton Barber vs PHILLY

Kareem Hunt vs PIT


WRs Starts

Quincy Enunwa vs Miami

Believe the hype that’s surrounding Quincy. The guy can run short and long routes with great speed. He has great hands and is very physical. If you got him off the waiver wire, I wouldn’t be surprised to see your team in the playoffs.

Pierre Garcon vs DET

Marquise Goodwin is out with a thigh bruise, which makes Pierre Garcon and TE, George Kittle to receive his targets. Garcon will have 100+ yards and a score.

Cooper Kupp vs ARZ

Patrick Peterson will probably shadow Robert Woods and leave Kupp to run crossing and deep routes on a weak Cardinals defense. Start Kupp with confidence.

Stefon Diggs vs Green Bay

There are too many weapons on the Vikings offense to cover, and the guy that can run all routes on the route tree will eat well at Lambeau Field.

WRs Sits for WEEK 2

Robert Woods vs ARZ

Devante Adams vs MINN

Chris Hogan vs JAX

Corey Davis vs HOU


TEs Starts

Jared Cook vs DEN

Denver is known for their hard nose defense, but they have not been able to cover TEs. Cook had a monster game last week against one of the top-rated defenses(Rams). You will hear Jared Cooks’ name announced a lot in this game.

Jimmy Graham vs MINN

I know what you are thinking, but this is Minnesota. George Kittle had 90 yards against Minnesota and should have been a possible score, too. Rodgers is expected to play and this is a rivalry.  Fire Jimmy up with confidence and look for him in the endzone.

Evan Engram vs DAL

Dallas could never cover the TE position. I hate to talk about my team like this, but it’s the truth. Start Evan Engram with confidence. Stats: 85 yards, 2 TDs.

Eric Ebron vs WAS

I know Jack Doyle is the preferred TE in the Colts offense, but Ebron is the most talented. Ebron will eat again this week because he’s a hungry dog. Give the man the ball and watch him work.

Jonuu Smith vs HOU

No Delanie Walker for the season and Houston gave up 2 scores to TE, Gronk last week. Smith won’t be as productive as Gronk but he will eat at the table.

TEs Sits for WEEK 2

Austin Hooper vs CAR

Jack Doyle vs WAS

Kyle Rudolph vs Green Bay


Defense Starts and Sits for Week 2

Defense Starts

San Diego Chargers vs Buff

Chicago Bears vs SEA

San Francisco vs DET

Los Angeles Rams vs ARZ


Defense Sits for week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers vs KC

Detriot Lions vs San Fran

Kansas City vs PIT

Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Chargers


Good luck to all fantasy players! Catch me each week with the difficult starts and sits.

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.







Let Them Grown Folks Go

“You can’t save things that are dead, you can only bury them.”~Tammy Campbell Brooks

Are you tired of friends and family calling your phone with their problems? The only time they decide to call is when they have bad news to share. It doesn’t matter to them that You have your own problems, life, kids, and husband(wife), but they will continue to screw up their life, but call you to correct their wrongs. You have given them countless hours of advice, but it goes in one ear and out the other. You are freaking tired of their sh*t!

I’m advising you right now to stop communicating with these type of people that continuously drain all your positive energy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a parent, grown child, significant other, or otherwise. If these people consistently drain, drain, drain your energy and take, take, take, and they have been this way for years; not to mention, that these are GROWN FOLKS. Let them gooooooooooo.

The people that I speak of are NOT trying to save themselves and 10 times out of 10, they put themselves in the situation.

I was watching a video on how a guy was trying to save his parents from drug abuse. I sympathize with the guy trying to help his parents, but in all honesty, he must let the parents go and take care of his own family and well being. An unfit parent or a grown person is going to do what they want to do and there is nothing you can do or say to stop them.

You love your loved ones and friends, but you got to let them grown folks go and do their own damage control. You can’t control or change them. Let me repeat, you can’t control  nor change them. A person won’t change until they are ready. Many times they have to hit rock bottom, and they determine their rock bottom, not you.

Stop accepting these people’s phone calls and go on with your life. Love them from a distance. You will save your sanity and become more content without them in your life. Don’t feel that you are abandoning or neglecting them, you are saving you. And there’s nothing wrong with saving you(your mental and financial well being).  If something was to happen to you for trying to save them, they would keep moving along with their destructive life. You will be sh*t out of luck.

They are grown folks and you are not responsible for GROWN FOLKS. Let grown folks do what they want to do and when the sh*t hits the fan, let them deal with it.

Let them GROWN FOLKS goooooo….

Peace, love, and positive vibes all day and everyday.